#enjoyinglearning with MDR Wissen

School was closed for a long time because of Corona, here is knowledge with which you can shine even after the lockdown. All videos are only available in german.

Maths – thinking logically!

Good news for all those who are currently preparing for maths exams: Everything follows the laws of logic. Unpleasant surprises excluded? Everything else from Prof. Andreas Thom!

The secrets of the circle number Pi

Even Archimedes worked with Pi over 2200 years ago, Google computers calculated 31.4 trillion digits in 2019 – record! Prof. Andreas Thom takes you into the world of the most mysterious number of all.

Prime numbers – the atoms among the numbers

Prime numbers are the bearers of secrets in mathematics. Thus, almost all modern encryption methods are based on prime numbers. Curious now? Then watch our video with Prof. Dr. Andreas Thom.

Are there coincidences in our lives

Normally, words like “coincidence” or “fate” are a horror for mathematicians – normally. In our video, Prof. Dr. Andreas Thom tells you what there is to say about coincidences from a mathematical point of view.