Welcome to the Maths Adventure Land

On 1000m² of exhibition space, over 100 experiments invite you to participate, think and marvel. With us, all age groups can experience mathematics in a playful way, and we offer a separate section for preschool children.

Mathematics in Conversation

Mathematics in Conversation is a dialogue series of the Maths Adventure Land. 3-4 times a year, Prof. Dr. Andreas Thom (TU Dresden) welcomes mathematicians who present their current research topics and their areas of application in a clear and entertaining way.
The audience experiences science at first hand and also learns interesting facts about the guests’ motivations, ideas and career paths in conversation.

12.01.2023, 7 pm: Mathematics in conversation with Prof. Dr Michael Joswig (TU Berlin)

The Museum Guard and Mathematics
How many supervisors are actually needed to protect precious exhibits in an exhibition, and where should staff be located in the room to keep the best possible eye on all the artworks? However, what one usually finds out in practice by trial and error can be determined much more precisely: namely by mathematical abstraction!

Michael Joswig has been working as Einstein Professor of Discrete Mathematics / Geometry since 2013 and conducts research in the field of polyhedral and geometric combinatorics at TU Berlin. He is a co-developer of the mathematics software “polymake”, which is used worldwide for this field of research. In conversation with Andreas Thom, he will talk about, among other things, the great influence his long-standing hobby of photography has on his scientific work and how it serves as his visual inspiration.
Admission free